Why not do it outside?


As we approach summer on the Mornington Peninsula a lot of us turn our attention towards getting out into the great outdoors. On the Peninsula we are blessed with beautiful hills, beaches and more where we can visit to rye-exerciseEXERCISE! Whether this is aimed at shedding a few extra kgs or simply trimming down to fit into our swimsuits, the benefits seen from outdoor exercise outnumber any dreary indoor-gym workout.

The stunning vistas and natural attractions of Mornington Peninsula offer the perfect locations to exercise outdoors in the pursuit towards a leaner, fitter you. There are many places well suited to outside exercise on the Mornington Peninsula such as Bush Walks on Red Hill or the Two Bays Trail or jogs along the beautiful beaches such as Mothers Beach and Mills Beach in Mornington or the North and South Beaches of Mount Martha or the amazing Safety Beach foreshore. Mornington in particular offers great spots for exercise such as Mornington Park, Dallas Brooks Park, Wilsons Road Reserve and more. For the hardcore and those wanting a challenge Birdrock Beach in Mount Martha is AWESOME!

Perhaps the most appealing factor is cost, the price of an indoor-gym membership may set you back a fair bit per week or month, but exercising outdoors is free. Going out for a run won’t even cost petrol money. The most a committed fitness enthusiast may want to splurge on would be a good pair of lightweight running shoes, and perhaps some outdoor exercise wear. The more adventurous individuals may even opt for wearable tracking devices, and see the numbers tick upwards daily to motivate them to push further.

The benefits of vitamin D for the body cannot be passed over. You need it for stronger, sturdier bones and teeth, and for protection against various diseases. Exercises focusing on the outdoors would be the best – and for many, the only way – to get some of those beneficial sunrays. But always remember to put some sunscreen lotion on.

Why not make the most out of the Mornington Peninsula biking tracks? The body’s blood-flow and metabolic system will work ever-harder to keep pace with the tackling elements – including wind resistance – as in the case of cycling. Running or cycling downhill makes the body work doubly hard, and eventually ends up burning more fat, and strengthening arm and leg muscles. Swimming outdoors can similarly prime the body to work against water flow, and hence burn more fat in the effort required. The metabolic system will hike upwards in the hours immediately following the robust workouts, and shed all excess calories.

Outdoor exercise doesn’t have to be a lonely affair either. Right NOW Fitness and many other great fitness businesses offer a multitude of Group Fitness classes all over the Mornington Peninsula to get involved in. Exercising with like minded health conscious individuals supervised by a qualified Fitness Professional is another great option for Outdoor activities.

The physical and psychological benefits of getting fit in the great outdoors cannot be ignored. There are countless amounts of research proving that a brisk walk or run outside does wonders in alleviating moods, and combating stress and anxiety. Even a walk in the hills, or on the many paths of the Peninsula or along the beach can relieve the daily pressures and stress that plague us nowadays. Why not let outdoor exercise become the smarter route to reaching a healthier and fitter you!

Troy Thurley and Kate Morgan – Right NOW Fitness

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