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Welcome to the blog of Personal Trainer Troy Thurley at Right NOW Fitness – Personal Training based in Mornington, Mount Eliza, Frankston and Mornington Peninsula. In this we blog we will keep you up to date on the news of Right NOW Fitness and other health and fitness news we think you’ll find interesting. We’d like to thank the Australia Fitness Network whom we source some of our articles. If you have any question about anything on this blog please head over to our Contact page.


Troy Thurley
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Calls for obesity to be classed as a disease

An outcome of the recent Obesity Summit in Canberra was the consensus that obesity is a disease, driven by environmental and genetic interplay, not a moral falling. ‘This classification, recently adopted by the American Medical Association, is crucial to fullyRead more

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The following blog was created by Alzheimer’s Australia. For more information on what you can do for your brain health, visit Many people exercise for the benefits it has for their body and heart. But what they may not realise isRead more

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Get to the pressure point

Research being presented by PhD student Aleksandra Macznik, at Sports Medicine Australia’s 2013 Asics Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport from October 22 to 25, indicates that acupressure may be effective for  the treatment of acute sports injury associatedRead more

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‘Fat shaming’ weight loss techniques create obesity

Constant criticism and ridicule of overweight people does little to motivate them to slim down, and has now been proven to potentially cause greater weight gain. A recent report titled Perceived Weight Discrimination and Obesity published in PLOS One foundRead more

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Blueberries and red grapes immunity boosting potential

As well as being a delicious and healthy snack, red grapes and blueberries could have the power to boost your immunity, according  to a new study. Researchers from the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University found compounds called stilbenoidsRead more

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Prolonged sitting and inactivity linked to depression

Another day, another reason to stand up, stretch your legs and do some exercise! A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine has found a link between prolonged periods of sitting and sedentary behaviour, and depression. Using dataRead more

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New campaign highlights brain-body fitness connection

Your Brain Matters, Alzheimer’s Australia’s brain health program, is urging Australians to take some time out for themselves in the interests of better brain health in a new series of television and cinema commercials. The ads urge Australians to takeRead more

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Aussie research reinforces sitting/chronic health link

The longer you spend sitting down, the greater your chances of developing chronic illness, a recent Australian and American study has found. Excessive time spent in a seated position has been linked to various negative health factors for several yearsRead more

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Need to get fit and lose weight?

What does it take to get fit and lose weight? As a Personal Trainer at Right NOW Fitness – Personal Training based in Mornington, Mount Eliza, Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula I often get asked how do I lose weight, how doRead more

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Milk in childhood linked to fitter old age

Drinking milk as a child may lead to increased fitness in older age, according to a recent UK study. Researchers found that people who drank more milk as adolescents were more likely to be able to walk faster and lessRead more

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