Numbers on the scales vs Centimetres on your waist?


What is true weight loss? Is it losing numbers on the scales or losing centimetres on the waist? I vouch for the latter. There is a big difference between losing numbers on the scales and shrinking at the waist. The first one is called weight loss. The second is fat loss.

Weight loss is good for short-term goals, like fitting in that gorgeous black dress for the Holidays, and is attained by overly exercising and eating poorly. Weight loss is losing the water weight, the puffiness, and the easy to get to weight, it is not losing fat. Losing weight can even mean losing muscle, especially if you’re not eating properly. You might be exercising a lot and losing numbers on the scale, but your body can still look the same. Which is why we need to focus on fat loss! True fat loss can only be attained when you’re living a healthy lifestyle, which happens when you find the balance between diet and exercise.

When you’re eating healthy, you’re feeding your body with the nutrients it needs to function properly all the while burning fat and feeding muscles. It’s crucial to have a healthy nutrition, as it increases your energy level, boosts your immune system, enhances your mood, and boosts your brain power. Of course though, being healthy in the kitchen is only part of what a healthy lifestyle is all about; exercising is another important factor of a healthy lifestyle, as it enhances all the benefits coming from a healthy nutrition plan.

In order to create a healthy lifestyle, you need to find the balance between a healthy diet and a healthy exercise plan. Analyze your goals and act accordingly. A diet alone won’t make you lose weight and exercising alone won’t make you lose weight either.

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