Please read below some of the heartwarming testimonials for Personal Trainer Troy Thurley at Right NOW Fitness – Personal Training based in Mornington, Mount Eliza, Frankston and Mornington Peninsula.




“Encouraging. Friendly. Passionate. Enthusiastic. Knowledgeable. Dedicated.These are just a few of many words to describe our wonderful personal trainer Troy.

From the first moment we met Troy, we instantly felt comfortable. Being a small group of three, ages ranging from 19 to 51, we are continually surprised at his ability to cater for each of our individual needs, capabilities and levels of fitness during our sessions. Troy doesn’t fail to keep us motivated, he brings excitement to each session, mixing it up so that we aren’t getting bored at all!

Initially we were concerned about training as a group of three for a couple of reasons. First being our mum who has a shoulder injury and the other reason being the difference in fitness levels. One of us has been involved in exercise and sport for many many years however the other is the complete opposite, having done no form of exercise for several years. This concern was immediately erased after our first session! We enjoy exercising together twice a week and always feel great afterwards!

If you’re looking for a personal trainer, Troy is your man!

Candis & Ebony


“For all those thinking of joining up, I returned from overseas about six years ago, had put on a few kg’s in the cold weather, and desperately wanted to get rid of them. It was a self-confidence thing. I’d tried running, I’d tried diet, but somehow I felt like I was going nowhere. By chance I met Troy. I remember closing the car door, locking it, and knowing I was about to change. When I met Troy we instantly became mates. He’s warm, and unlike many other trainers, he’s full time. Even when I wasn’t training he cared about my diet, my out of gym running routines, and on top of that, he became a good friend. Within a month I noticed a difference, within six months I was a different person. I had my confidence back. We trained for three years and I’ve never looked back. The greatest thing about being mates is that I never felt like it was a hassle to go to the gym. I rarely missed a session unless I was really unwell, and Troy was very understanding of my personality and athletic abilities. So if you were like me six years ago and want to feel a sudden shift, Troy Thurley is your guy. Regards, Ahron.”

Ahron Young (Sky News Australia – Melbourne Bureau Chief) via Facebook – Right NOW Fitness Australia


“Troy is a wonderful trainer, I can be a bit slack, but Troy has always kept me motivated! I have felt brilliant after every session and I always look forward to the next one. It has been amazing to watch my fitness levels escalate and I feel stronger and toned in all the right areas. Such a great work out with a great guy! Thanks Troy”

Sally (Neeka – Childrens Clothes Designer) via Truelocal


“When Troy Thurley first walked into my life (literally), I was just existing. I’ve come a long way in 6 months and heres how it began.I was suffering quite badly from depression due to the loss of my mother! I myself am a wife and mother of 2 beautiful children. Loosing mum to cancer pretty much gutted me! Though existing as a parent, wife and working full time no-one really new how hard it was for me to even get out of bed every day. It was prior to Christmas 2012 that Troy walked into my office and handed me a pamphlet for Right Now Fitness. Usually I bin most promo leaflets, thinking I wont use them, but I read this one and pretty much related to what was there in black and white. I thought about it for a week or two, as Im not usually one to spend money on myself and I finally decided to do something for myself! God knows I needed the motivation!!! So I called Troy, we made a time to meet, no obligation and we talked about my needs and goals. First I started with a one hour session per week, then after about 8 weeks I had begun to feel and see the benefits the training was giving me and I increased to 2 x 45 min sessions per week. It has now been more than 6 months and I look forward to every session. It has changed my mental attitude toward life, Im much fitter, Im doing things I thought I could never do (like mens push ups)! I could never push myself or achieve the things that I have without Troys help. He is an amazing person, kind, understanding, caring, friendly and supportive, but tough as guts when it comes down to it! I am now a stronger, fitter, healthier and happier person because of training with Troy. Im going to be honest its not quite a walk in the park, but it gives you a sense of satisfaction and self-worth and at the end of the day thats worth its weight in gold.I would highly recommend Troys Right Now Fitness training to anyone that wants to get motivated, look good and feel great about themselves.”

Wendy Williams via Truelocal


“My partner and I trained with Troy together in Small Group Sessions. I was so impressed with how Troy catered to both of our individual needs in the one session and we both always finished feeling utterly exhausted (in a good way of course!). Troy definitely took on board our individual goals and injuries and every session is money well spent. Troy had us feeling relaxed from our very first meeting and every session was fun and varied so we were constantly on our toes. I cannot recommend Troy highly enough, he is a great man and a great trainer!”

Laura & Tristan via Truelocal


“I met Troy back in January 2013, Troy is a fantastic personal trainer; Troy has taught me a lot, from how to complete exercises properly, how and what to eat, and to exercise regularly.Troy is full of knowledge about food, the body and exercises he is not just a normal ‘personal trainer’, Troy has guided me through a few ‘slack’ times and pushed me to my absolute limits, and he has always given the persistence & support to get me back on track when he didn’t have to thanks Troy!Since starting regular training with Troy I have lost a considerable amount of weight, which is what I wanted when I was looking for a personal trainer. Troy is a full package; he is always happy and ready to help you achieve your dreams & goals, he is always there to pick you up if you are having “one of those days”, which he has done/continues to do for me.Troy is a wonderful Personal Trainer and I would be truly lost without him. Thank you for everything you have done/continue to do for me Troy, you have gone above and beyond. Thank you!”

Tara Canavan via Truelocal


“I have been training with Troy for over 4 years now and always look forward to our sessions. One of the many reasons I continue to train with Troy is because working together we are able to achieve better results than if I trained alone. I also really enjoy the variety of exercises and the constant new challenges. Troy is a fantastic communicator – which is a huge attribute in my book – and varies our program to fit in with my busy and varied lifestyle.”

Michael Guazzarotto (Director of Future Knowledge Pty Ltd)


“Troy is brilliant, he has really helped me stay motivated and injury free. He keeps the workouts interesting and varied. Very professional and super knowledgeable.”

Victoria E via Trulocal


“Troy is a truly excellent trainer.  He is the perfect combination of tough (“Troy, you are KILLING me!”) and warm (“Jenny, you are doing SO well”), and he works with the whole person – mentally, emotionally and physically.  Because of his efforts, I am fitter and more flexible, I have lost weight and most importantly, I am happier.  I recommend Troy without reservation.”

Jenny M


“On a recent visit from Qld I joined my sister in a session with Troy which turned into many sessions therafter. Prior to this meet I had not found that one trainer who had pushed me past my barrier to see that embracing a challenge had positive outcomes. Because of this experience I have become a different person and step up rather than bawk at a challenge. I have managed to maintain my goal weight and fitness levels and see exercise as fun!”

Nyree S via Truelocal


“Facing imminent hip replacement surgery, I approached personal trainer Troy Thurley. My brief to him was to make me as fit and strong as possible, to counter the effect of the Surgery. A little other op got in the way before the hip, but from both I was up and about within a week. One of my surgeons introduced me to group of trainee doctors just before one op and he asked them “what did they think of how the patient was presenting”? One replied that “he looks too fit to be here”. All thanks to the programme Troy had worked out for me. I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been.”

Peter McIntyre Architect (McIntyre Cross Architects)


“Troy is, quite simply, terrific. He is dedicated, knowledgeable, and knows how to get the best out of people. Most importantly, he gets results. He is also great fun, with a fine wit and warm personality that makes his training sessions all the more enjoyable. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Lauren Scott (Head of Corporate Affairs at Clayton Utz) via Linkedin


“I have been training with Troy now for 7 years making the transition with him from others to Right Now Fitness. I was thrilled to learn Troy was basing himself out of Mornington as I reside in Mt Eliza and work in the city. No matter what your level of fitness is I believe Troy would make the ideal PT. He has great knowledge on the fitness industry and importantly focuses with me at least on stretching, weight loss and strengthening all my muscle groups. Troy has a relaxed easy going nature at all times except for during work out time where is constantly motivating me during our sessions to push myself and get the best results. At 30 years of age I am in much better physical and mental shape due in most part to Troy’s PT sessions. Each year with him I set my goals for fitness higher. Highly recommend.”

Jesse Davidson (Owner of Centonove Restaurant) via TrueLocal


“One of the nicest personal trainers you could find, but still mean enough to get results! Troy has great interpersonal skills and is customer focused. Always on time, always has a smile, knows I hate the rower but still makes me race it. May I still be training when I am 100!”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Fiona Somerville (Owner and Commercial Director of Ideal Consultancy) via Linkedin


“Troy was my weekly personal trainer for 5 years.  The fact that we worked together for 5 years is testament to the value he provided me. During that time he was an enormous help and assistance in my goal to improve my fitness and to maintain it at a high level. He was imaginative in keeping our weekly sessions interesting.  He varied the program regularly so that it didn’t become repetitive or boring.  He also had just the right balance in driving me beyond my “comfort zone” but in a sensible way.   In short, he knew how to get that bit extra out of me. And finally he has a sense of humour which helps make the sessions fun!”

Gavin Williams (Chief Executive Officer of Packaging Council of Australia Inc)


“I have just started training with Troy recently and he is fantastic. The sessions are fun but he also makes me work hard and keeps me motivated. I already feel much fitter and healthier!”

Alana S via TrueLocal


“Troy is an awesome personal trainer. He has had a really positive impact on my fitness and well being over many years. And he is a good man too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Gavin Wood (Manager, IT Strategy & Architecture at Newcrest Mining Limited) via Linkedin


“I have just commenced training with Troy with a desire to improve my flexibility and stamina. He is working me hard on a weekly basis – but this is just what I need! Lots of encouragement and ideas for improving my overall fitness. Troy is great at taking age and previous experience into consideration and can devise an exercise programme which is perfect for your needs. Keep working on me Troy – I won’t give up…and I know you won’t either!”

Heather Boundy (Head Librarian at Woodleigh School) via TrueLocal


“I have trained with Troy for the past 2 years. I had recently been diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis and thought it was time to stop playing around and get my fitness back after spending all my time on nothing but work.It was hard at the start but with Troy’s help I am probably in the best condition I’ve been in since leaving University and feel in control of my joint pain. The sessions are fun and varied and Troy’s always happy to discuss whatever your short term goals may be as well as keeping your mind on the bigger picture.If you are wanting to make some big changes in the way you look and feel then I can highly recommend Troy. He knows exactly what you need to do to make what you want happen and he keeps you going when you might be slacking off. All with a smile on his (not your) face.”

Andrew Garner (Structures Project Engineer at APP Corporation Pty Limited)


“Troy took the time to understand what I wanted to achieve from my training. He was always patient, but pushed me when i needed it! Fantastic experience”

Joel V


“I had the pleasure of Training with Troy twice a week for 12 months and in that time I found Troy to be a great trainer who taught me that getting fit is not only hard work but a lot of fun. When I first met Troy my fitness level was very low, he has shown me how to be mentally strong and physically strong when it comes to training. Troy always put my needs first and was always available to talk about any struggles that I may have had. I highly recommend training with Troy as what I have learnt about Fitness Training from Troy will stay with me always.”

Teresa C





At Right NOW Fitness we appreciate and care about each and every client. When you achieve we achieve!