Welcome to Right NOW Fitness!

Welcome to the blog of Right NOW Fitness! In this blog we will keep you up to date with the happenings at Right NOW Fitness and in the health and wellness industry.

If you haven’t read the About Us page yet let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Troy and I’m the owner/fitness profesional at Right NOW Fitness. I’ve been in the fitness industry for about the last ten years and I probably love it even more now than when I first started. Until recently I worked in Melbourne at South Yarra Sports/Melbourne High which I loved but decided it was time to base myself where I live on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

Although Right NOW Fitness is based in Mornington on the Mornington Peninsula, we serve the whole Peninsula and once or twice a week we make our way to Melbourne for a few sessions there also.

Our philosophy at Right NOW Fitness is to keep it simple but most of all keep it functional. A great description of functional fitness in a New York Times article said “Functional fitness means that the goal of working out is preparing your body so it can perform daily activities — walking, bending, lifting, climbing stairs — without pain, injury or discomfort”. It’s good to have a body that looks great but if you can’t function properly in your daily life, or your in pain regularly it wont much use to you.

At Right NOW Fitness we are so confident we can give you the right health and wellness solution, to try us out we give you the FIRST SESSION FREE. That’s right FREE!. It’s a great way of us meeting up with and assesing your situation and setting up a plan so we can do it the Right NOW way. Click here or on the image to the right and book your FIRST SESSION FREE Right NOW.

Stay fit and see you again soon,